Journal: blueskin
Mun: Illmantrim
Played by: Rupert Grint


Once upon a time, Roger Blue was a typical college student, attending Los Angeles Currant University, and seeking a degree in photography, which he was extremely good at. He had already won numerous awards at it, and was hoping to make a career in it.

He also loved chemistry, and was one of the team of young people at the forward edge of theory in the subject. One day, he volunteered for an experiment, one that was guaranteed harmless. Bathed in chemicals, the generator powering the experiment exploded, and Roger collapsed.

He woke up to learn he had been in a coma for 21 years, was now 41, and possessed superhuman powers. Slowly, he learned he could shapeshift to almost anything he could picture in his head, from female to animal to mythical beast to inanimate object. He healed at a faster rate, as well, and could move slightly faster, and was slightly tougher and stronger than the norm for a human.

Adjusting to this will be weird, and it is only his fourth day…