Journal: morphadora
Mun: Caz
Played by: Mari Moon


Age: 22
Occupation: Auror
Heritage: Half-blood
Wand: Ash, 10”, Demiguise Hair Core
Boggart: Unknown
Patronus: Werewolf


Tonks is a pale woman with dark eyes and a heart shaped face, gifted with the ability to change her appearance at will. Her hair colour of choice is bubblegum pink despite her natural mousy brown locks, and she can change the way she looks to suit any occasion, though she defaults to only modifying her hair under normal circumstances. She tends to dress rather youthfully and less like a wizard than most, though of course she has the decorum to dress properly in the right situations, only falling back on the comfort of jeans and t-shirts when more casual attire is acceptable.


After leaving Hogwarts, Tonks joined the Ministry of Magic and trained to become an Auror under Alastor Moody. She joined the reconstituted Order of the Phoenix, working undercover in the Ministry and helping to guard the Department of Mysteries. She also, at some point, fell in love with Remus Lupin, with whom she is still rather infatuated, her patronus even having changed to the form of a werewolf in his honour.


A bit of a rebel, Tonks tends to tread her own path with little regard for what others think. She does have the ability to walk the beaten path when necessary, but for the most part, she's spunk and spitfire, the latter especially prevalent if called by her given name.