Journal: powerful_blood
Mun: Illmantrim
Played by: Jared Leto

All About The Merlin DudeEdit

Merlin stands 5'8" tall, and muscular at this point in his life, not yet prone to the thinness he will manifest later. His eyes are green blue and his hair is a very dark brown verging on black at times. This is all for his base form.

Merlin is a wizard, son of no man, twin to a girl, wizard of three paths. He wields demonic, deific, and humanic magic, and walks a path along them. He has been a tool in God’s wars, and a bard, and is still young. He is somehow in dreams finding pieces of other versions of himself fitting into him. For now, he is a young man, who has traveled, and missed his sister, and who seeks out a new path… The most reliable of Merlin's powers at this stage is the ability to change his shape. Merlin began writing a journal, which was transcribed by a holy man. Otherwise, that time would have passed from all knowing.

Among Merlin's other spells and powers are the abilities to cast energy bolts, cast others into sleep, travel great distances, and call animals. He is yet learning his magic and it sometimes goes awry, but he is slowly growing in power and knowledge. He carries with him the Grimoires of his darkness and of the White Mage Blaise. He holds both white magic and black, and walks the grey line between both worlds.

Merlin holds within himself versions who have visited Milliways, Haurvatat, and other realms, and yet is new to these things as well.

Merlin is from various legends, stories and authors, with my version being primarily drawn from the works of Robert de Boron's poem Merlin and Vita Merlini by Geoffrey of Monmouth, with no infringement of copyright intended, and extrapolated further by myself, using various sources. Merlin is in public domain. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing from which no profit whatsoever is being made

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